National Archives of Australia

The National Archives of Australia is a government agency that collects, preserves and encourages access to important Australian Government records. It describes itself as the memory of the nation. The Archives’ collection of 40 million items traces events and decisions that have shaped the nation and the lives of Australians. Visitors are welcome to explore the collection, online or in person. Established under the Archives Act 1983, the National Archives reports to its Minister, the Attorney-General. Like all government agencies, it is accountable to the Australian people. The National Archives of Australia Advisory Council provides advice to the Minister responsible for the Archives and the Director-General.

Under the Act, the National Archives has two main roles: to collect and preserve Australia’s most valuable government records and encourage their use by the public : to promote good information management by Commonwealth government agencies, especially in meeting the challenges of the digital age.

In addition to caring for its collection, the National Archives develops and tour exhibitions, publishes books and guides to the collection and delivers educational programs.

The F.E. Williams Collection of Photographs 1922–1943

The collection documents the life and work of Francis Edgar Williams (1893–1943) who served as a government anthropologist in the then Australian Territory of Papua from 1922 until his death. The collection of some 2,000 glass plate and celluloid…